Real Tales

Real Tales

Title Created Date Hits
Allah Creates a Vicegerent 07 November 2009 Hits: 15206
Caliph Umar and Al-Haqqah 01 December 2013 Hits: 7678
Elijah and a Blind Man 21 April 2008 Hits: 15234
Irrigate the Garden of so and so 13 April 2008 Hits: 11844
Juraij and His Mother's Curse 13 April 2008 Hits: 15053

What is New!

July 2020:

Power Point Presentations on

1. Ibn Al-Qayyum's book, "al-Da'a wa-Al-Duwa", and

2. World state, past and present on Christian Era, The Colonial Era

Link at The Current State