Qadi Abul Hasan al-Mawardi has related a strange incident in his Alam an-Nubuwwat.

Abu Jahl was the testator of an orphan. One day, the child came to Abu Jahl in the condition that he had no shred of a garment on his body. The orphan boy implored him to have something out of his father's heritage. But the cruel Abu Jahl paid no attention to him and the poor child had to go back disappointed. The Quraish chiefs said to the boy out of fun: "Go to Muhammad (upon whom be Allah's peace and blessings) and put your complaint before him. He will recommend your case before Abu Jahl and get you your property."


The child not knowing of the nature of animosity of Abu Jahl with the Holy Prophet (upon whom be peace) and not understanding the motive of the mischief-mongers, went straight to the Holy Prophet and apprised him of his misfortune. The Holy Prophet immediately got up and accompanied the child to the house of Abu Jahl, his bitterest enemy. Abu Jahl received the Prophet well and when the latter told him to restore to the child his right, he yielded and brought out whatever he owed to him. The Quraish chiefs were watching all this earnestly with the hope that an interesting altercation would take place between them. But when they saw what actually happened, they were astounded and went to Abu Jahl and taunted him saying that he too perhaps had abandoned his religion. He said: "By God, I have not abandoned my religion, but I so felt that on the right and left of Muhammad (upon whom be Allah's peace and blessings), there was a spear which would enter my body if I had acted against what he desired." 

This incident not only shows the attitude and conduct of the principal chiefs of the most civilized and noble tribe of Arabia towards the orphans and other helpless people in those days but it also shows what sublime character the Holy Prophet possessed and what impact it had even on his bitterest enemies. The incident points to the great moral superiority of the Holy Prophet because of which the disbelieving Quraish branded him as a sorcerer. (based on Tafheemul Quran)

Did you see him who gives the lie to the Reward and Punishment of the Hereafter? Such is the one who repulses the orphans away. (Surah 107, 1-2)